Pacifier clip tutorial

A Pacifier clip is an excellent project for beginners, it will take you around 20 minutes to finish this usefull project. All the materials can be purchased here.

2 cotton strips of fabric 4 x 27 cm (the lenght is usually 30 cm, but, as this one is for a newborn, it is better to be smaller)
1 strip of vilene iron on interfacing 2 x 25 cm
1 clip
2 squares of sewing velcro 2 x 2 cm

Step by step instructions

1 - Begin by sewing the strips, right sides together, in one lateral side, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance.

2 - Open your seams pressing down with your iron.

3. Press lateral hems creating a crease of about 1 cm on each lateral side. Put your vilene interfacing on the top of one of the wrong sides of your strips. In the photo you can see it on the wrong side of the blue fabric. Fold the smaller sides inwards the wrong of your fabric piece.

4. Fold your strip by the seam you have sewed in the middle, wrong sides together. Pin it and press with your iron. Sew with straight sticht all way round, leaving a 0,3 cm seam allowance.

5 - Insert the fabric strip in the clips hole. Be sure to decide what will be your front fabric. Fold it to the wrong side. Sew the bottom of the strip together, with the clip inside. At this point, you should reinforce your seam and sew two times from one side to another. We want the clip to be safely sewed.

6 - Now the velcro squares. Sew the female velcro - the softer side -  all way round at the bottom of the wrong side of your fabric strip. Mine is a yellow vichy cotton. Leave about 5 cm and sew the male velcro bellow. 

7 - You're done! Offer your handmade pacifier clip to a special baby :)

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