Wool and yarn from Portugal

It is for me a great pleasure to write about Filipa's Flying Fleece. She has sent me a bag of natural merino wool from portuguese sheeps. She makes lovely pieces from wool and yarn from portuguese sheeps "churra galega" and "merino".

The wool is completely natural without chemicals. It is used to be dyed and spinned. 
As Filipa writes: 
Chunky pieces and locks of organic washed merino wool that have undergone some accidental felting during the washing process. Perfect for stuffing toys and pillows- clean and soft. This fleece comes in big irregular chunks and locks. There are nepps, slubbs and soft locks in a very fluffy mix. No chemicals or harsh detergents were used and this is a child-safe organic fleece. It can also be used for felting projects of all kinds.The fleece is 'broken' and semi-felted, so it is hard to spin. It also contains a lot of short fibers that are unsuitable for easy spinning. It could be used to add texture to carded batts though.

Here where I live sheeps are everywhere. Once we had a family of sheeps. They were called Sailor and Lula. One of the most beautiful thing I ever saw was Lula gaving birth "Sol", this little fellow.

I find interesting and very compelling this tradition to be reborn by young people. Perhaps one day I will learn how to spin the wool, as for today I am using it only as sutffing to my pin holders and toys :)

Filipa's Flying Fleece is here and the shop can be found here. See her marvellous photos and explanations about all the process.

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Paula Spranger Pereira disse...

Muito interessante, vou ver a loja. Obrigada por partilhar!