Hard decisions

In order to mantain my sanity, I have to make some decisions. I prefer to see them as reajustments. In the next few days I will be deep working to finally have a week vacation. I am tired. So tired that I have been living like a machine. Need to low speed, breath the cold autumn air outside, stick to what is essential. A Pega-Rabuda is one of my priorities, but in a different way.
Today, I closed my other blog A Raia Miúda. There's no sense in having two brands, mostly when toys, dolls and books are what I prefer to do.
My Armazém will also have a conceptual adjustment: from now on, I will not sell fabrics. Perhaps this is one baby step to having finally to close the shop, I really don't know.
Regarding my creations, unfortunetely, I will be selling on etsy website and stick to it, which is a big thing. I will not be accepting orders for this or that. My creativity process runs another way. I am not a machine, neither a professional sewer. I love to create to one person, to know what she likes, does in life, which emotion led her into me. I will embrace this kind of challenge with all my love and care. Thanks for your support.

2 comentários:

Ana Ribeiro disse...

Como te compreendo.
Não há boa vontade que resista às decisões que têm de ser tomadas. O tempo não dá para tudo, nem tudo continua indefinidamente. Custa deixar coisas para trás nas quais investimos muito do nosso tempo, mas principalmente muito de nós. Mas tenho a certeza que seguirás em frente, mais forte e com certeza cheia de coisas boas.

Rute Gil disse...

Obrigada, capitã, por estares aí, e sempre com palavras sábias. Um beijinho